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How Former-Pro Surfer, Jon Rose, uses Brain Drive to help run his nonprofit and stay more focused

16 minute video

By Momentus — 20.05.2021

When you’re used to hurtling down hills and surviving tumbles that’d make even seasoned skiers blanch and have overcome not one but two ACL tears, your pain tolerance is a little higher than most people’s. So it is with Momentous ambassador Johnny Collinson, who along with his sister Angel is part of one of the first families of freeskiing and, as his Instagram feed demonstrates, is a straight-up beast off the snow as well.

Johnny recently sat down with Momentous marketing director Sara Hendershot (via video just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, of course) to discuss some of his strategies for coping emotionally during coronavirus self-isolation, building up his already astonishing physical capacity, and staying ready to excel at his craft once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

From the Experts

From the Experts

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— Jordan Mazur, San Francisco 49ers Dietitian

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Need a hand? We're here 8 am - 5 pm PT. Please reach out via email.

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